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 Story Snippet-summary--:))) awesome!

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Story Snippet-summary--:))) awesome! Empty
PostSubject: Story Snippet-summary--:))) awesome!   Story Snippet-summary--:))) awesome! EmptyThu Nov 12, 2009 4:07 pm

I summon a Goblin while practicing spells as I need someone to help me.
My Master, teacher, sensi, Arien cannot know that I have done serious magic and summoned a magical creature.

I hide Erkling under my bed, keeping him out of Arien's view.

I must figure out how to rid myself of this mischievous miniscule being!

but how?

I didn't realize that I created a Magical bind creating an invisable rope tying Erkling to me.
I cannot rid myself of erkling, so I search for a spell that will make him my helper. instead of lurking around seeking for trouble.

I find the spell, turning erkling into a servant, though I have performed the spell, it is not strong enough to keep erkling from occasionally dis-obeying and complaining...

so I seek help
The Dragon named drákōn who possesses great magical power and knowledge and is the Gaurdian of the earth realm.

I search in the rock, mossy depths of an endless cave nick-named "Dragon's Throat"

... Whiole on my journey, many obsticals obstruct my path and, (needing a bit of help) call on erkling.
erkling comes to my side, ( though unwillingly). and I fight a Powerful Wraith called: "The Raven Knight"

on my journey I find Powerful Gemstones... I give them to Erkling as payment for him whispering a spell in my ear to make my blade: "Death-Wish" stronger...

Meanwhile... the gateway leading to Oath Oak, an Alternate Universe where Magical beings dwell is closed.
no one can enter the realm, and no one can exit.
the spell I need to free erkling from my wake lies in Oath Oak.

what am I to do now?

the Goblins kidnap my sister, I force erkling to tell me where their hiding place is...
I find them... banishing erkling to Isyngaurde (a holding place, like a seccluded cell to contain erkling for temporary spaces of time, after a certain period of time erkling will be able to pass through the Magical barriers returning to the physical world but, again, he is magically bound to me) the goblins have a fire... I find my sister tied to a tree, crouching behind one myself...
a Goblin confronts Sherrie, speaking in Goblish (goblin tongue)
they seem to think sherrie knows something essential to them.

one of the goblins draw a dagger from beneath a tattered and frayed cloak, a flash of silver... a cry of pain... the dagger draws a scarlet line on my sister's wrist...

I never intended sherrie to get mixed up in this! this magical realm is familiar to me as I am well aware of my powers as a warlock.

sherrie, (of course) is shocked, terrified of these evil creatures
just then, anger surges through my body as I watched that goblin slit my sibling's wrist

extricating myself from my hiding place, my spell rings like a gong through the night air "descedo incantatem!!!"

my eyes turn white, my quarry explodes, his flesh and sinew flying into a million different directions--

they charge together, pulling daggers and small knives from under battered cloaks and shawls...

candeus deflagro!" a firey rope emmanates from my palm... white, hot, inferno scarring and burning green goblin flesh!

a stunned look replaces the terrified look on sherrie's face.
as she realizes I've just performed Magic
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Story Snippet-summary--:))) awesome!
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