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 Lyrics, words, Old Sayings...(could turn into a song)

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Lyrics, words, Old Sayings...(could turn into a song) Empty
PostSubject: Lyrics, words, Old Sayings...(could turn into a song)   Lyrics, words, Old Sayings...(could turn into a song) EmptyTue Dec 15, 2009 11:17 am


Lips of Fate whisper of my death, Lifted High on wings of mercy,

six inch nails pierce my heart.

I've been waiting all my life for someone like you.

Orchids of blood are in bloom.

You were the light to my darkness

you have become my disease.

so tear from me the heart you've caused to bleed, steal it all away. shatter my soul, cause in my heart you've left a hole i'll never be the same

you convinced me that our affinity was real
and just when i thought I was beginning to heal, you sliced open wounds I had long ago sealed.

"Never give the devil a ride, he will always want to drive " (old saying)

"Letting the cat out of the bag is a lot easier than putting it back in. "(old saying)

"Things are not always what they seem, A stopped clock is right twice a day"(old saying)

a Peasant working for a pittance doesn't have enough to pay his dues.

an outcast looking to fit in can't find out why he'll lose.

[[A little thing I came up with... kinda gay... but, whateva.]]


'the hourglass is in the hands of a psycho-path, your time's run out! can you feel the wrath? I cannot lose control of what I've set in store for you, my friend.

Oh, it's just begun this will not end... my peace will come when you descend.
come unto me my twisted disease! the arms of death caress me,
the lips of fait whisper of my death... lurking out-of-sight the shadows are a demons' camouflage

the only hope I saw was in you, and so in our life I took refuge hiding from what I knew would one day come...

you convinced me that our affinity was real, and just when i thought I was beginning to heal you sliced open wounds I had tried to keep sealed. you were the light to my darkness, my twisted saviour... now you've stolen my heart and shattered my soul.

it seems you have prevailed... you pierced me with your six inch nails leaving me ripped and torn.


yeah... IDK...

... let's see if I can come up with something off the top o' my head...

I sit alone, as I drink the contraband...
moonlight had shone bathing me in a cleansing glow.
you say you feel my pain, live it everyday.
how dare you pretend to understand? you've taken my world away.

you say it's not your fault, but that's alright cause I'll take the blame... blame it on me... blame it on me...
no one else can see, the true side to you that I never knew until you decided to break me.

and all I ever knew was the life I thought I had with you...
do you feel it? do you feel my pain?
you have tainted yourself with perpetual lies spewing from your mouth you have many a disguise.
forked tongues, twisted minds bitter thoughts kept the hate inside.

-- yeah... that's what I got... -- Smile I like it... a lot...
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Lyrics, words, Old Sayings...(could turn into a song)
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