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 Seven, Arien, and Wyldfyr.

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Seven, Arien, and Wyldfyr. Empty
PostSubject: Seven, Arien, and Wyldfyr.   Seven, Arien, and Wyldfyr. EmptyTue May 05, 2009 1:24 pm

The war was starting...
the three gathered together to discuss their plans.

"My brother, I suggest you summon a binding stone and gather the
goblins and trolls so that i can strike them with my sword,"

said Seven to his brother Arien."ah yes," said Arien,
"I should also use the celestial fire spell and rain down a pillar of fire from the sky so as to set fire to the orcs."

Wydlfyr looked at Seven and spoke:
" I shall attack anything and everything that crosses my path."

and so the war began...Seven Jumped onto his warhorse, bow-and-arrow drawn, shooting orcs and goblins while Arien summoned a binding stone.
all nearby goblins, trolls, and orcs were sucked close to the magical glowing stone... the light of the stone was a blinding white. Arien shot a force of energy at the gathering enemies.

arrows rose and fell on the orcs as troll heads scattered the ground

pillars of fire rained down from the sky scorching goblin flesh.

goblins and orcs and trolls were slaughtered by the three of them.

Wyldfyr drew her sword, cutting into the bone and sinew of trolls and orcs.

Seven shot arrow after arrow piercing orc after orc.

Arien threw waves of energy, summoned binding stones and created magical force-fields protecting his brother and sister.

the three destroyed generators as goblins, trolls, and orcs fell.

red and black blood stained the earth...

the bruised sky was growing heavily darker.

the three warriors didn't give up.
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Seven, Arien, and Wyldfyr.
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