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 The tale of Three <(|)>Chapter1 the flight of the raven- the beginning

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The tale of Three <(|)>Chapter1  the  flight of the raven- the beginning Empty
PostSubject: The tale of Three <(|)>Chapter1 the flight of the raven- the beginning   The tale of Three <(|)>Chapter1  the  flight of the raven- the beginning EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 1:39 pm

the only light in the room came from a single little window from which a full moon was visible, it's eerie glow washed over a little spindly
circular table. upon this table perched a raven in a cage, it was asleep.
and so was an old man sitting in a large armchair next to this table.

the old man wore a silvery cloak with gold trimming, he had grayish hair that hung down to his shoulders and a beard around the same length.
his name, you ask?... Arien Spardell.
Just then, an ancient-looking father clock chimed, spardell woke with a start.

"aaahh, yes... it is time."

he stood up, opened up the door of the cage, grabbed the raven and said:

"tell them it is time, alert everyone. you understand?--

"of course!" the raven spoke in a raspy voice, sounding slightly hurt at the fact that the old man had questioned his ability to comprehend this simple task.

it hopped to the edge of the table, then Arien opened up the little window.
the raven spread it's wings, then took off... soaring through the vast, inky black, starry sky...
spardell watched as the little black bird became a tiny sillhouette on the moon.

"we mustn't be so careless... not like last time... we must take some precautions! if the word gets out this time... we may not make it out muhin."
Arien spoke seemingly to no one, but then he turned to face another raven perched on top of a bookshelf who was a mirror image of it's twin in almost every way, there was only one slight difference. this raven's talons were a deep blood red, whereas it's twin, (who was now soaring through the night) had black talons.

"I have delivered my message to the elves, I have alerted seven, I have also alerted the Goblin's and the dwarves. now we can only hope that houghin doesn't fall in his flight!" squawked the raven,

who, like it's brother, had a raspy voice... but muhin's voice was slightly colder, harsher than it's black clawed twins' voice. the raven seemed to have a slightly bitter air about things. perhaps it was the fact that it'd seen horrors beyond human comprehension, or maybe it was just the world, or it's jaded past.

"he hasn't been doing so well... his flying lists from one side to the next lately... i fear that he is becoming weak... losing power."

"he will be fine muhin! I am sure you are over-reacting... houghin will make it."
Arien Spardell spoke in a reassuring voice to the black bird.

"we mustn't worry about him... he can take care of himself."


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The tale of Three <(|)>Chapter1 the flight of the raven- the beginning
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